1. Cross stitch Celtic knot and Tardis. Why? Because I can :) I think the Tardis is pretty dang adorable

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    Game of Thrones Season 1  Behind the scenes: Brandon’s Execution 

    An unidentified actor was cast to play Brandon in a flashback scene. Footage of the scene appeared in the “Fear and Blood” first season trailer but has not appeared in any aired episode of the series. The scene was cut for time reasons. In the background, sitting on the Iron Throne, is actor Liam Burke portraying Aerys Targaryen.


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  4. What’s the craziest fan interaction or experience you’ve had so far? - SDCC 2013 (X)

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  5. Conversation with Richard Madden; Nerd HQ at SDCC (07.20) [x]

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  6. What does “winter is coming” mean to you?

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  8. Would you or your character make a better fantasy boyfriend? (x)

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    Roslin Frey’s wedding dress

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